• Wherein My Musical Ignorance is Revealed

    Conclusions about my ability to notice the obvious are inescapable.

  • Learning the World

    Thanks to Tom for another great loaner. This time, Ken MacLeod’s Learning the World.

  • First Time for Everything

    In which new and unpleasant experiences are had.

  • Two Observations on American Idol

    Casting’s over for another season. Some thoughts.

  • Innovation!

    If only Apple could come up with stuff like this!

  • Indie Music Sometime Wins

    Go listen to this, and consider throwing some dollars his way. This song seriously made my week:

  • Super WHY? Heck If I Know!

    Much more of this, and blood may be shed.

  • The Romance of the Batmans

    There is no place so strange and wonderful as the inside of a toddler’s head.

  • New Rule

    After engaging in yet another one of those senseless mailing list conversations where, mid-way in, I found myself wondering how the hell I got there, I formulated the following rule, which I will now promulgate as “Otto’s First Law of Internet Discourse”:

  • And a Piece of It Fell on My Head!

    Why must our children suffer so?

  • My Poor Childhood

    The Transformers were one of my favorite toys as a kid. I was eight in 1984, and so right at the perfect age for all of those 80s toys that are coming back now: Transformers, GI Joe, the Thundercats, Voltron, Robotech. Robots were like the coolest thing ever invented by man.

  • Year Zero

    First thoughts on the new NIN album.

  • Let It Be Known

    Just for the record. Just so you know.

  • Getting Into Miniatures

    Some thoughts on getting new people in the miniatures hobby.

  • Fall TV Thoughts

    Some notes on the fall TV season so far.

  • Batman Begins

    We saw Batman Begins the other day. Not in the theater, of course, since Serenity is the one movie we’ve gone to see since BA was born, but on newly-released DVD.

  • Happy Birthday!

    Today is BA’s first birthday!

  • What Being a Parent's All About

    “Your son just peed on the dog!”

  • Alias, Season 4

    It might not suck! How cool is that?

  • About That Update...

    At long last, here it is.

  • An Open Letter to My Dishwasher

    Consider this your notice.

  • Star Wars Miniatures

    Decent pre-painted stormtrooper minis? Sign me up.

  • Asteroids Do Not Concern Me!

    Finally out of drydock.

  • Something Witty Here

    No, I’m not dead yet.

  • Conan

    Turns out that the originals are now available here in the US.

  • Ouch

    In lieu of new of my personal life, and important Tuber Safety Update.

  • Neglect

    Blog rot sets in a little. But is there light at the end of the tunnel?

  • Last Night's Alias

    “Ms. Bristow, bet’s to you.”
    “I call.”

  • God Bless Neill Cumpston

    Totally not work-safe, spoilers for those poor souls who haven’t read the book, and long way from politically correct. But I do so love this review of Return of the King. Just the dedicated over-the-top-ness of it all is somehow admirable. And I’m glad I wasn’t eating when I saw it, either.

  • The Club Dumas

    Everything that was good about The Ninth Gate, without the lame ending.

  • And Speaking Of...

    A minor annoucement.

  • Power Projection

    Took a look at BITS’ Power Projection, and got a very mixed impression.

  • Wax Online

    Sort of the opposite of entertainment, really.

  • Reloaded, Abridged

    A recap before part three.

  • Back to the Hunt

    The deal fell through. Back to the multiple-listing service.

  • Stargrunt and the Meaning of Minis

    Stargrunt, and what miniature wargames mean to me.

  • Hunting

    Silence. And the scariness of large denominations.

  • More fun!

    I need more fun.

  • Alias

    The season premiere of Alias was tonight.

  • Rained out

    It was a gray, rainy day today.

  • Not so dull

    Hurricane’s over. Back to work.

  • Full Thrust

    Inire, Orion and I had a three-way Full Thrust free-for-all. I liked it.

  • Isabel makes life dull

    Other people’s heavy weather just makes me bored.

  • Star Hero thoughts

    Some comments and reflections on the Star Hero supplement from Hero Games.

  • Ahoy there!

    Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So all ye lubbers beware! For the speech of a pirate be as dark and mysterious as his motives, and oft just as cruel. Be not surprised to find yerself amidst a chorus of lusty arrrrs!